Play it safe

Image of two children using the slideImage of didi carsImage of football areaImage of gym balls
  • SOCKS MUST be worn at all times. When using the slides arms and legs should be covered and shirts tucked in. Football type shirts and items of clothing manufactured from man-made fibres are not recommended.
  • All children using the centre must be accompanied by a supervising adult.
  • Youths over 12 years of 1.6m in height may not be permitted access to the play centre.
  • Under 5's must be supervised in the large play frame unless a disclaimer has been signed and a hand stamp issued.
  • Children displaying 'over 5' hand stamps will not be permitted in 'under 5's' area.
  • Children should use the toilet and wash their hands before entering the play areas.
  • Shoes must be kept in boxes and pockets provided. They must not be discarded around the perimeter or within the play areas.
  • Climbing on the netting of play structures is forbidden.
  • Any damage to WMO equipment or spillages should be reported immediately to a member of staff.
  • No sharp or valuable objects, food or drink should be taken into the play areas.
  • Only food and drink purchased at the café may be consumed on the premises.
  • Wear 'M Out reserve the right to refuse admission, ask for proof of age or ask any member of the public to vacate the premises/property.