About us

Wear 'M Out has two large play centres in Kent. They are for children up to the age of 12 (inc.) with a maximum height restriction of 1.6m. There are special areas for children up to the age of four, and huge play frames and slides for 5-12 years. The cleanliness of our play areas is a high priority.

Refuelling can take place in our cafés! We offer a wide range of tasty snacks with healthy options including paninis, pasta, loaded potato skins or baguettes with various fillings. Cappuccino and hot chocolate or muffins are on hand for those who prefer to spectate!

An Image of our cafe


Our play centres are designed for fun with child safety always our highest priority. We also offer evenings for children with special needs. These evenings enable families to relax and children to mix and have fun in a safe environment without the hustle and bustle of normal operating hours.